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January 12, 2019, Saturday

at El Sol Brillante community garden
526 E 12th St (between Ave A & B, middle of the block, southside of the street)
and the Children's Garden, 12th St & Ave B, southwest corner.

This workshop will focus on winter bokashi composting activities, including trenching/burying bokashi-fermented food waste, sifting worm compost and/or feeding worm bins, preparing pots/planters, and treating food waste at the garden through the winter.
We will start at El Sol Brillante (526 E 12th St) and end up at the Children's Garden (544 E 12th St).

(sign-up re-opened!)
Sign-up is optional--people can just show up.

To visit our community garden for a tour of a bokashi composting setup, contact us - also, see Upcoming Garden Activities at

Current access (PDF files):


Bokashi composting at El Sol Brillante community garden (ESB) and Children's Garden (CG)

Amount of food waste treated with bokashi at ESB and CG

Bokashi Workshop - Preliminary Lesson Sheets

(intended for students/interns/attendees to read/study on their own in advance of the workshop):

Handouts (4 per sheet, 8 1/2" x 11"):