Next bokashi workshop: 
7/13/2024, Sat, 1:30–3:30 pm at El Sol Brillante. Details at bokashi.nyc >

Down to Earth Garden (formerly Children's Garden) is looking for volunteers where you can experience hands-on with the bokashi method of composting. Visit downtoearthgarden.org or fill in their form.

See bokashi process with photos and videos: downtoearthgarden.org/bokashi-process.
See also downtoearthgarden.org/composting.

For all about bokashi and Effective Microorganisms (EM), visit Bokashi Research and Education, bokashiresearch.org.


The Basics (PDF files):

How-To's (PDF files):


Bokashi composting at El Sol Brillante community garden (ESB) and Children's Garden (CG)

Amount of food waste treated with bokashi at ESB and CG

Bokashi Workshop - Preliminary Lesson Sheets

(intended for students/interns/attendees to read/study on their own in advance of the workshop):

Handouts (4 per sheet, 8 1/2" x 11"):

Recycle food waste card frontside

Recycle food waste card backside