Wheat Bran

Wheat bran is the outer layer, the hull or husk, of the wheat grain. 

Use animal-feed grade wheat bran, which costs less than food grade wheat bran. 

Animal-feed grade wheat bran can be found at animal feed supply stores, such as Agways. They typically sell them in 50-lb bags and may also have them in 25-lb bags. 

If an animal feed supply store isn't available to you, then look for food grade wheat bran at your local store. Try finding a store that sells them loose (unpackaged) so you can purchase by however many pounds you need. Packaged food grade wheat bran can be very expensive. See chart below.

*Costs listed below may be different for your area. Costs are for the northeast part of the U.S., as of 2022. 

Wheat Bran TypeQuantity (Size)Cost*Cost/Lb*Note
animal-feed grade50-lb bag$20-$25$0.40-$0.50/lbCost is if picked up by car from the store.
Shipping not included which can cost much more than the product itself.
25-lb bag$14-$18$0.56-$0.72/lb
food grade (loose)by the pound$1-$1.50/lb 
food grade (packaged)